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Gerald Sugarman, M.D. FAAP, FAAFP, JD is board certified in family practice and pediatrics and has 30+ years of clinical experience in medical practice.  He was head of neurology at Orthopedic Hospital for 18 years, where he had the opportunity to see hundreds of the most difficult child and adult neurology cases. He is a published author of many rare syndromes and of four books. 18 years after medical school and after testifying successfully in brain–damaged baby cases, he went to Law school and received his JD in 1976.  With his thorough knowledge of both law and medicine he is uniquely qualified to assist you with your malpractice case from review to preparation for trial.



  • Professionally prepared case evaluation and summaries of medical records
  • Determination of merits of case
  • Interpretation of doctors and nurses notes, hospital and laboratory records and blood gas data
  • Chronology of significant events that transpired during the patient’s medical care
  • Determination of breach of accepted standard of care
  • Discussion of causation and damages
  • Preparation of demonstrative evidence
  • Preparation of records for time efficient use by experts
  • Evaluation of genetic, pre-disposing and pre-existing factors
  • Preparation for interrogatories, admissions, contentions for trial and depositions
  • Explanation of medicine and anatomy
  • Obtain world-renowned experts


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