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When Bilirubin Causes Brain Injury (Kernicterus)

Newborn Injuries Caused by Doctor's Mistakes

Bilirubin Leading to Brain Injury in Newborns Should Never Happen

Jaundice is a very common liver condition that affects a large number of babies at birth. It is an easily treatable condition and easily diagnosable — in fact a baby's skin takes on an obvious yellowish cast. Despite this, many medical professionals ignore jaundice in a newborn when it reaches significant abnormal levels resulting in devastating results. If the bilirubin levels of a baby go untreated and becomes too high, brain damage to the basal ganglia and auditory nerves can result, causing serious and permanent brain damage in what should be a normal and healthy newborn. ONE BILIRUBIN ENCEPHALOLOGY IS ONE TOO MANY!

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Protect Your Baby's Rights

At the law office of Gerald Sugarman, J.D., M.D., we seek justice for families who have a child who was injured as a result of a doctor or ER personnel's inattention to require the necessary measures.

Lawyer Gerald Sugarman's understanding of the inside of the medical world allows him in quickly, thoroughly and vigorously investigate cases for his clients. A significant number of babies will have their skin turn a little yellow at birth. Most doctors will tell the new parents to put the baby in the sun, protect the eyes, because sunshine decreases bilirubin levels and brings a baby's pallor to normal. In most cases, this is all a parent need do to resolve the excessive bilirubin. However, quick, inexpensive bilirubin blood tests are necessary to determine the bilirubin level, so that the physician, or pediatrician can determine the rate of rise or decline of bilirubin blood levels and measure direct and indirect levels of bilirubin or rule out an inborn-error of bilirubin metabolism.

When the Bilirubin Continues to Rise — Serious Brain Injury

However, there are some cases where the bilirubin levels in the baby's system continue to rise. If your doctor did not ask you to come back to perform a simple test to check your baby or your baby's bilirubin level within the next few days and this negligence resulted in serious brain injury, your doctor may be liable for malpractice if your child is damaged. Even one case such as this is one too many.

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Did your newborn or your child suffer a serious brain injury that should not have happened? Do you suspect medical malpractice? California attorney Dr. Gerry Sugarman can help discern whether you may have reason to file a birth injury medical malpractice case against the doctor, nurse, hospital or ER that caused the injury to your child. We offer free initial consultations and represent clients on a contingency fee basis.

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