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San Diego Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyer

Complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS) are disorders in that a person's pain in a certain area of his or her body just does not stop, no matter what you do. They can be caused usually caused by trauma to nerves that are injured. There is no known cure for these syndromes, which is also called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). Living with this level of pain cannot only make it hard to work, it can cause significant stress and depression in a person's life and lead to enormous medical bills over a lifetime.

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Compensation for Dealing With Chronic Severe Pain

Most people do not even know that such a condition exists — they only know that the pain won't go away. If you are dealing with RSD or other symptoms due to nerve injury caused by a car accident, a doctor's mistake or a surgery, you may have reason to file for compensation under the law.

Please note, we only take on substantial injury cases that result in permanent injury. The statutes of limitations for these kinds of lawsuits are one year from the date of the incident for adults and eight years for a newborn. Damages may include compensation for wage loss, medical expenses, pain management therapy, physical therapy and counseling, other damages, including pain and suffering.

Experienced California RSD Attorney and Doctor Knows What You Are Dealing With

The Law office of Dr. Gerald Sugarman helps people who are dealing with RSD that was caused as a result of a personal injury accident or medical malpractice. As a doctor and a medical malpractice lawyer for more than 30 years, Dr. Sugarman has the insight and the ability to view issues from both the medical profession's perspective as well as a legal perspective. He understands the seriousness of chronic pain and what it can do to a family. He also knows that insurance companies often seek to settle with RSD victims for as little as possible.

We are familiar with the kinds of issues that are raised for people who are suffering from acute pain that just won't stop, even with drugs. We have understanding and experience in handling legal cases such as these. We are here to support you, fight for you and help you obtain relief.

When the Pain From the Trauma Won't Go Away — Free Initial Consultation

We want to help. Get answers and action by talking to Dr. Gerald Sugarman, Attorney at Law. Call 805-473-4739 or 800-657-1165 or e-mail us.

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