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Medical Malpractice Attorney California Negligence Lawyer

https://attorneysugarman.com 800-657-1165 The most important aspect in medical malpractice is to prove the physician or hospital fell below the standard of care. Contact California attorney Dr. Gerald L. Sugarman for medical negligence matters.

Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Representation by a Lawyer Who Is Also a Medical Doctor

Our firm's founder, Gerald Sugarman, MD, JD, is both a lawyer and medical doctor who practices in one exclusive area of law: medical malpractice. He seeks justice for babies, children and adults who have been seriously harmed by medical personnel. Our firm also represents clients who have lost loved ones to drowning or other forms of wrongful death.

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As a California physician and lawyer, Gerald Sugarman has a unique insight into what constitutes a medical mistake and how to effectively build a case on behalf of his clients. With more than 30 years of experience in both medicine and medical malpractice law, Dr. Sugarman has the qualities and experience with medical-legal skills to investigate and pursue favorable outcomes in situations such as delayed breast cancer diagnosis cases, brain-injury at birth cases, nursing errors or any other serious medical malpractice concern.

Handled a Sizable Number of Serious Medical Malpractice Cases

Dr. Sugarman has handled a significant number of medical malpractice cases involving babies and children who suffered serious, devastating harm due to medical errors. He has returned sizable verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. These settlements have included:

  • Compensation for medical care
  • Compensation projecting into the future for a lifetime of medical care
  • Compensation for a lifetime of pain and suffering
  • Compensation, in the case of wrongful death, for the loss of a loved one's capacity to contribute to the family as an income earner, as a parent, as a spouse

Experienced as Lawyer, Author and Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice

California malpractice attorney Gerald Sugarman has written numerous articles on medical subjects, including medical malpractice. Dr. Sugarman has testified as an expert medical witness for fellow medical malpractice lawyers and written many articles on the subject of birth injury.

Working inside the medical profession, our founding attorney witnessed many actions taken by doctors, nurses and hospitals that were negligent. He has a strong sense of responsibility to do all he can to bring to justice those who have harmed children and others through negligent actions.

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Do you think the doctors are not telling you everything? Are you concerned about the way things happened in the ER, in the delivery room, in the surgical room, the hospital or in the doctor's office? We want to know what happened. Dr. Gerald Sugarman, Attorney at Law, can help you determine whether you have cause to file a medical malpractice claim. Call or e-mail our office today for a free consultation: 805-473-4739 or 800-657-1165.

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