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Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Alameda County, California

Medical Malpractice, Negligence Lawyer and Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Alemeda County, California

https://attorneysugarman.com 800-657-1165 The most important aspect in medical malpractice and nursing home abuse is to prove the physician or hospital fell below the standard of care. Contact California attorney Dr. Gerald L. Sugarman for medical negligence matters.

When Babies, Children or Adults Suffer Serious Injuries Due to Doctor Error

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Statistics show that 40 babies a day are born in California with a birth injury. How many of those could have been prevented? How many of those were the result of a doctor's mistake, a nurse's error or some other form of medical negligence?

Dr. Sugarman Uses His Legal and Medical Knowledge to Seek Justice for Clients
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Benefits of Retaining a Physician Who Is Also a Lawyer

As a physician and a medical malpractice attorney and nursing home abuse Alameda County, California, our founding lawyer, Dr. Gerald Sugarman has considerable perspective on the potential problems that can occur due to neonatal injuries and the potential medical costs of caring for children who have suffered substantial permanent harm.

Protecting Your Rights

The tragic stories that our law firm hears on almost a daily basis from people who have suffered grievous losses or injury because of an emergency room error, a doctor's delayed diagnosis or birth injuries caused by mistakes, such as too much Pitocin administered during the birthing process, are an outrage. Outrage does not pay the medical bills. Outrage cannot bring back a loving wife and mother of two after a delayed breast cancer diagnosis caused a wrongful death — it cannot reverse the brain damage in a newborn injured at birth.

The law provides a legal remedy — a medical malpractice lawsuit — to stop this from happening again and to seek compensation for a victim's substantial losses, including pain and suffering, and loss income or money such as economic losses. Please note, we only take substantial injury cases that result in permanent injury. The statutes of limitations is one year for adults and eight years for a newborn.

Obtain the Compensation You Need

Our medical malpractice work helps families gain the financial compensation they need to pay for all the costs related to catastrophic injury, potentially for the rest of a child's life:

  • Medications
  • Homes retrofitted to accommodate a person with a handicap
  • Physical, occupational and other forms of therapy
  • Nursing and doctor care
  • Medical devices and technology required to treat an injured child
  • Costs of planning and care for the needs of your child or loved one after you are gone

Call a Los Angeles Brain Damage Attorney About Your Medical Malpractice Concern

Do you suspect medical malpractice occurred in your situation? Are you suffering from chronic, relentless pain (CRPS) as a result of a trauma? Get answers and action by talking to Dr. Gerald Sugarman, Attorney at Law. Call 805-473-4739 or 800-657-1165 or e-mail us.

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